Me at a summit in Keystone Colorado 2019

Writing a description about myself seems self defeating, so instead I will post a parable from Marvin Minsky’s book, Society of Mind.

“Suppose I had once borrowed your boat and, secretly, replaced each board with a similar but different one. Then, later, when I brought it back, did I return your boat to you? What kind of question is that? It’s really not about boats at all, but about what people mean by “same.” For “same” is never absolute but always a matter of degree. If I had merely changed one plank, we’d all agree that it’s still your boat– but after all its parts are changed, we’re not so sure of its identity”

If I ever wrote a description of myself, likely it would describe me only at a specific moment in time, and by even the next year my appearance, personality and views would have changed so much that my previous self would be strange and unrecognizable.

Many problems in the world are a result of people’s unwillingness to change.

Nevertheless, here are some values I hold that are likely not to change:

  • Interdisciplinary and critical thinking
  • Curiosity about how the world works
  • Cats

“The best Armour of Old Age is a well spent life preceding it; a Life employed in the Pursuit of useful Knowledge, in honourable Actions and the Practice of Virtue; in which he who labours to improve himself from his Youth, will in Age reap the happiest Fruits of them” – Cicero